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Football Season!

Thursday August, 20th

News: Going on tour with my good friends Edison in November (Dustin Morris/Sara Slaton). Confirming dates now. Biggest show in Fayetteville November 5th at George's. 

September 19th: The Arkansas Repertory Theater. Little Rock, Arkansas 
October 25th: Pi Phi House for Homecoming. Fayetteville, Arkansas
November 5th: George's Majestic Lounge. Fayetteville Arkansas 

Album is behind. Shooting for a spring release now. 

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Good luck Richard! Welcome to the team Calvin. 

September 10th, 2013 

Our trumpet player/drummer Richard Corbyn (right) is leaving Fayetteville for a big boy job. He's played with us the last five sbow and it's been a pleasure having him. Good luck Richard! We're going to miss you. 

Welcome Calvin Berkenbile (left) of Stillwater, OK to the fold. He is by far the best bass player I've ever jammed with. He will be writing and recording a lot of the bass lines on the upcoming album. He's got some sick dance moves. Videos to come soon.
 Richard's Last Calvin's First

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