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Tuesday February 4th, 2014


1. Last show with Paige is February 10th at JJ's in Fayetteville. 6 - 8.  
2. We'll be releasing "30" in June at George's Majestic Lounge on Dickson and will also have a Little Rock and Denver release show. 
3. Looking for new band members (everyone keeps moving away). Need a drummer and bass player. Hit me up if you have any ideas. 

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Friday, November 29th 2013 

1. New Shows: 
December 14th: House Party (the Martfields. Secret is out!) 
December 27th: Dickson Street Pub 
January 3rd: Dickson Street Pub (Richard, our ex trumpet player, will be sitting in with us) 

2. Huge turnout at the pub on November 24th. Thanks to everyone that showed up. It was a blast. Paige, nice job because you killed it. 

3. Doing a few mini tours in January. Let us know if you want to stop by your town. 

4. Next recording session in Nashville the week before Christmas. New song dropping Christmas day. 

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Welcoming Paige Flores to the fold. 

October 18th, 2013 

The extremely talented Paige Flores and I have been collabaroting and her angelic voice will be all up on the next record. Check her out at We'll have a YouTube video of us doing Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars soon. 

Graham bought a new home and is turning it into a studio. Next tracking session is scheduled for December. 

Show updates to come. 

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Start on our second album next week in Nashville! 

September 10th, 2013 

We begin the first pre production jam session next week in Nashville, TN at Graham's studio. We're taking a break from live shows until November to prepare for recording. Hopefully we'll have our first single out in the spring. We are planning a huge show in Fayetteville in December for some kind of Christmas fund raiser. 

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Good luck Richard! Welcome to the team Calvin. 

September 10th, 2013 

Our trumpet player/drummer Richard Corbyn (right) is leaving Fayetteville for a big boy job. He's played with us the last five sbow and it's been a pleasure having him. Good luck Richard! We're going to miss you. 

Welcome Calvin Berkenbile (left) of Stillwater, OK to the fold. He is by far the best bass player I've ever jammed with. He will be writing and recording a lot of the bass lines on the upcoming album. He's got some sick dance moves. Videos to come soon.
 Richard's Last Calvin's First

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